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Instrumentation and advanced lab equipment

Includes all types of process, machine instrumentations, measuring and metering systems, IR/UV Analyzers, Automatic biochemistry analyzers, eddy current, gas chromatographs, spectrometers, X-Ray analyzers, metal analyzers, test equipment. 

Process control and protection system ( Automation )

Includes all kinds of PLC, DCS, ESD, SCADA, FCS, F & G systems.

Computer and Telecommunication Systems

Includes a variety of computer systems and industrial networks, industrial displays, a variety of Network switches, all types of routers, all types of telecommunication and mobile, radio, wired and wireless, communication systems.

Process Monitoring and Monitoring System

Includes a variety of vibration monitoring systems, condition monitoring system, process analyzers, environmental analyzers such as online dust monitoring and stuck gas analyzer.

Electrical and Generator installation

Includes low, medium and high voltage equipment, distribution systems, all types of electromotor, pumps, inverters, generators, solar and wind power generators.

Mechanical equipment and industrial

Includes a variety of pumps, compressors, blowers, couplings, gearboxes, clutches, pneumatic equipment, hydraulic equipment and all types of light and heavy industrial machinery as well as all types of valves, tubes, flanges, fittings and all types of filters.