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Our History

FARATEC was founded in 2010 and started out by implementing automation projects and providing electrical and automation equipment for cement, power and also water industry. It has expanded its business into providing services for fundamental and key industries mainly in Energy industry like oil and gas, and other industries such as petrochemical, steel and transportation. Today, with a history of participation in major projects and industries, and the conclusion of a large number of official contracts with public and private organizations and companies, the company has registered diversified experiences in its background.

Company Introduction

Fanavaran Rahbordi Ati Company with the registered trademark, FARATEC acts as an engineering and knowledge-based company with the goal of improving the quality of engineering services and supplying technology and requirements of the industry. The company, while providing a wide range of industrial equipment and spare parts in different industries, can provide all engineering services such as Design, Construction, erection, Commissioning, maintenance and training to its customers as well. FARATEC Company qualified as a 5th grade contractor in the oil and gas industry sector as well as in the field of industry and mining from the planning and budget organization and is proud to receive ISO 9001: 2015, ISO14001: 2015, ISO18001: 2007, ISO / TS 29001: 2010 certificates from Germany’s DQS Certification Company. During its professional career, the company has been able to cooperate directly with more than 500 reputable European and American companies, while establishing an international trading network, has succeeded in signing a partnership agreement with reputable foreign companies as well as obtaining reputable representatives. FARATEC operates in all fields of oil and gas, petrochemical, power plant, steel, mining, cement, water, environment, transportation and telecommunications, and specialized activities of this company are computer and telecommunication systems, electricity, monitoring systems, industrial automation,instrumentation and process analyzers, protective systems, advanced laboratory systems, renewable solar and wind power generators, mechanical equipment and Installations and industrial machineries.

Company Perspective & Goals

The main goal of FARATEC is to provide technology and comprehensive engineering solutions for all industries. Also the goal of this company is to provide the best solutions to solve existing industrial challenges and to improve the quality of engineering services in a knowledge-based way, as well as to help industries to gain access to new technologies and apply them to increase the production and quality. We believe with the knowledge and experience of the company’s managers and experts, the use of highly qualified and experienced staff, the development and strengthening of young and talented human resources and the creation of a platform for creativity and innovation in providing solutions and services, we will achieve this goal.