Industry Solution
Industry Solution

We know the specific challenges facing your industry, and understand the importance of giving your customers what they want.
Process Instrumentation
FARATEC manages your process equipment projects from concept to deployment. With knowledge and skills, we supply our customers with the best possible solution for Instrumentation, Testing, and Controls applications.
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Hydraulic Sensors
Hydraulic Transducer SX200 / SX300
Magnetostrictive Transducer MSB / MOP / MAZ
Linear Potentiometer LMI 12 / LMI 12-SE

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Capacitive Sensors
Ranges: 0.05mm - 10m
Linearity: up to ±0.2%
Resolution: 0.01%
Working temperature: -50 to +200
output: analog

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Ultrasonic Sensors
Ranges: 1cm - 6m
Linearity: up to ±0.3%
Resolution: up to 0.25mm
ATEX version available
output: analog, proximity switch

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Magnetostrictive Transducers
Ranges: 50mm - 4m
Linearity: up to ±0.02%
Resolution: up to 2µm
output: analog, SSI, CANopen, tachometer

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Linear Potentiometers
Ranges: 10mm - 2m
Linearity: up to ±0.05%
Resolution: up to 0.2µm
Protection class up to IP67
output: potentiometric, analog

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Laser Sensors
Ranges: 0.5mm - 150m
Linearity: up to 1µm
Resolution: up to 0.2µm

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Draw Wire Sensors
Ranges: 50mm - 42.5m
Linearity: up to ±0.02%
Resolution: up to 17µm
output: potentiometric, analog, digital incremental, digital absolute, Bus, tachometer

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