Industry Solution
Industry Solution

We know the specific challenges facing your industry, and understand the importance of giving your customers what they want.
Process Instrumentation
FARATEC manages your process equipment projects from concept to deployment. With knowledge and skills, we supply our customers with the best possible solution for Instrumentation, Testing, and Controls applications.
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IntraLink™ LC2000 Logic Controller

The LC2000 was developed specifically for smaller, remote applications in the water and wastewater industry.


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LC150 Pump Control-Telemetry Unit

The LC150 is designed specifically for pump station applications and offers a simple, reliable and cost effective solution. The LC150 is configurable. No programming is required.


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Telemetry Unit

Telemetry solutions to keep you informed of the operational details of your system and enable rapid response.


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Intra-Link™ LC3000 Logic Controller

This innovative Controller focuses on combining robust technologies with an open architecture.



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