Industry Solution
Industry Solution

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Process Instrumentation
FARATEC manages your process equipment projects from concept to deployment. With knowledge and skills, we supply our customers with the best possible solution for Instrumentation, Testing, and Controls applications.
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Preheater Outlet Gas Analysis

The preheater gas analysis system is a true contiuosly operating sample system for interlocking based on a double probe setup to ensure maximum safety of personel and equipment.

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Coal Mill Gas Analysis

The coal mill gas analysis system will provide safety interlocking analysis from self ignition in the coal mill department of bins, filters and mills.


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Calciner Gas Analysis

The KilnLoq calciner gas analysis system can optimize the calciner pyro-process and prevent process interlocks from shutting down operation.


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Kiln Inlet Gas Analysis

Fundamental process data to optimizing kiln operation at the lowest possible production cost at the highest production through-put. The KilnLoq probe is the market leading solution when it comes to reliability, run factor and easy fast maintenance.


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