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Process Instrumentation
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Analyzers in Water Industry
Acutec™ 35 Gas Detector
The Acutec™ 35 Gas Detection System utilizes the latest on-line gas monitoring technology to provide a flexible and reliable, self testing detection system in a compact, modular design.


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Deox/2000® Dechlorination Analyzer

The Deox/2000 dechlorination analyzer is now available in North America as the Deox/2000 measurement module that is used with either the MFC electronics or the new SFC electronics.


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SFC Analyzer/Controller


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Micro/2000® Measurement Module

The Wallace & Tiernan Micro/2000 Residual Analyzer is now available in North America as the Micro/2000 measurement module that is used with either the MFC electronics or the new SFC electronics

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Depolox® 3 Plus Residual Analyzer

The Depolox 3 Plus Residual Analyzer continously measures free or total chlorine, chlorine dioxide or ozone in drinking water applications. It is also available in an arrangement for measuring pH or flouride, and providing temperature output.

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Wallace & Tiernan® TMS 561 Turbidimeter On-line Process Turbidity Measurement

The TMS561 is specifically designed for continuous on-line measurement of turbidity in filtered or raw water in municipal and industrial water treatment plants as well as effluent in wastewater applications.

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Series A790 Amperometric Titrator

The Wallace&Tiernan® Series A790 Amperometric Titrator is ideal for the precise measurement of chlorine residuals, including very low residuals, for the calibration of on-line analytical equipment.

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HydraClam® Water Quality Monitor

The Hydraclam® Water Quality Monitor is a purpose-built system for monitoring of water quality parameters within the potable water distribution system.


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