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Industry Solution

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Process Instrumentation
FARATEC manages your process equipment projects from concept to deployment. With knowledge and skills, we supply our customers with the best possible solution for Instrumentation, Testing, and Controls applications.
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21000 Series

Versatile single-seated globe valve design with unbalanced trim for reliable performance meeting a wide range of applications.

Masoneilan - 21000 Series Sales Brochure (1451 KB)

Masoneilan - 21000 Series Parts (1249 KB)

Masoneilan - 21000 Series Spec Data (1070 KB)

Masoneilan - 21000 Series IOM (1587 KB)

41005 Series

Heavy-duty globe valve design with balanced trim providing higher capacities and greater pressure drop capabilities.

Masoneilan - 41005 Series Sales Brochure (2293 KB)

      Masoneilan - 41005 Series Spec Data (579 KB)



28000 Series Varipak

Compact globe valve design with integrated actuator for precise control in micro-flow applications.

Masoneilan - 28000 Series Parts (1631 KB)

Masoneilan - 28000 Series Spec Data (597 KB)

Masoneilan - 28000 Series (VariPak) IOM (966 KB)

Masoneilan - 28000 Series Pressure Drop Tables (183 KB)

80000 Series 3-Way Control Valve

Rugged three-way globe valve design with heavy construction for mixing or separating fluids in the control process.

Masoneilan - 80000 Series Parts (1811 KB)

Masoneilan - 80000 Series Spec Data (364 KB)

      Masoneilan - 80000 Series IOM (1201 KB)


10000 Series Globe Valve

High capacity globe valve design with balanced trim and large flow passages ideal for dirty fluid applications.

Masoneilan - 10000 Series Actuator Parts (1825 KB)

Masoneilan - 10000 Series Spec Data (886 KB)

Masoneilan - 10000 Series IOM (1353 KB)

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