Industry Solution
Industry Solution

We know the specific challenges facing your industry, and understand the importance of giving your customers what they want.
Process Instrumentation
FARATEC manages your process equipment projects from concept to deployment. With knowledge and skills, we supply our customers with the best possible solution for Instrumentation, Testing, and Controls applications.
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  About Us  Mission and Vision

FARATEC Mission :
  • Providing the best practices and innovative industrial solutions around the world in order to fulfill four key achievements as to make sense of the client's business success
    • Client's business and market development
    • Increase in productivity and efficiency
    • Client's product and service quality improvement
    • Promoting workplace and life safety
  • Providing commercial services technically and expertly accompanied with engineering support
  • Providing engineering and executive services based on the highest levels of modern standards and upgrade the quality level of these services.

FARATEC Vision :

Our goals is to provide the following services to the industry:

  • Supplying goods reliably, quickly and with reasonable price and purchasing power, automation and instrumentation equipments and materials required for industrial projects
  • Management and participation in procurement phase of projects
  • Supplying spare parts of projects and various industries
  • Purchasing and supporting of machineries
  • Presenting commercial consultancy and services
  • Engineering support
  • Management, technical and contractual execution of industrial projects
  • Project management and execution in EPC form 

Mission and Vision
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